Inflation and Japanese life

For those who do business only in Japan with Japanese customers, their salaries have not risen, and imports such as food and gasoline continue to rise in price, making life more and more difficult.

Japanese house construction imports materials from overseas.

In the past, there were many people in Japan who bought newly built houses, but now the prices of materials have risen too much, and fewer Japanese people can afford to buy houses.

For example, the average starting salary for high school graduates living in Tokyo is 178,100 JPY

The price of 900 mL of iced coffee sold at supermarkets is about 100 to 200 JPY.1 liter of milk is about 200 JPY,A pack of 10 raw eggs costs about 200 JPY.

McDonald’s in Japan is cheap, but the portions are small, so a simple price comparison with America is not possible.

Japanese companies are not good at raising the price of products, and instead try to respond by reducing the quantity of products while keeping the price the same.

Since the company does not raise the price of its products, sales do not increase, and thus employee salaries do not increase.

In Japan, there is a famous saying, “The customer is God,” and many Japanese people know that saying. And many Japanese companies have a habit of treating their customers very politely.

There is another famous saying. “Don’t bother people.”

I think there are many people who felt uncomfortable with the appearance of Japanese people taking their own garbage home at the World Cup.

These two famous words are deeply rooted in many Japanese people, so they are not good at raising the price of products because they think it is an act of causing inconvenience to the customer (God).


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