A cheap, polite and punctual country

Japanese public transportation, such as buses and trains, is surprisingly punctual.

Moreover, if the train arrives even a few minutes late, the conductor will apologize to the passengers, saying, “I’m very sorry for the late arrival.”

The same goes for restaurants. Even though you can eat delicious food at a very cheap price of 400 JPY at a gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant, the customer service attitude of the staff is very polite.

Moreover, since the tipping culture has not penetrated in Japan, it does not cost anything more than the price of the product. No one ever thinks it’s unreasonable not to tip.

If I tried to tip at a cheap restaurant, the part-time employee would be confused and might even refuse to accept it.

It’s not just restaurants and trains that treat us with respect. City halls, banks, airports, and even the police treat you with respect and courtesy as a customer.

Is there such a country other than Japan?

…Well, I’ve never been abroad, so I can’t compare.


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