Investing in Japanese equities

my investment status

I’ve been investing in the S&P 500 for several years now.
As a result, assets in US stocks have accumulated to some extent.
So from now on, I will stop investing in US stocks and invest in Japanese stocks.

What I’m paying attention to is an investment trust called “Hifumi plus”.
I watched a video of his interview and intuitively felt it was good.
They meet directly with the manager and observe changes in their way of speaking and facial expressions.

By doing so, they are exploring the parts that do not appear in the numbers.

Grade chart

Higher rate of return than other index funds.

Asset ratio

Japan:83.72 %
Overseas:2.88 %
Cash/Deposits/Others:13.40 %

trust fee:Within 1.078% per year
(The trust fee is high compared to other index funds.)

Hifumi Plus Web Site


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