Gyudon,a popular lunch

I often eat Gyudon.
I bought Gyudon to take home today as well.
Because I want to eat slowly in my room.

Beef and onions simmered in sweet and salty sauce.

Warm white rice under the beef.
Without white rice, the beef bowl tastes salty and difficult to eat.
It’s just right with white rice.

I eat Gyudon with raw egg.
This is a popular way of eating in Japan.
The shop sells raw eggs as an option.

My way to eating is Mix raw egg.
And dip Gyudon in raw egg.

The gyudon is mixed with a raw egg, placed on top of the rice, and eaten with the rice.

this pink color one is called “BENI SYOUGA”.
This is ginger, the taste is sour and spicy.
Even Japanese people are divided into likes and dislikes.

This price is 400 yen for normal size.


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