What’s Otoshidama? Japanese traditional customs

Today is New Year’s Day, so there are few people walking outside.

Yesterday was the end of the year, so I drank too much alcohol and my head hurts.Drinking alcohol makes me feel sick, so I will not drink alcohol anymore.

In Japan, there is a tradition of handing out cash to children on New Year’s Day called Otoshidama.

There is a culture where older people give to younger people, so sometimes adults give it to adults, and sometimes seniors give it to juniors.

However, many people do not hand over cash as it is, but put it in a special paper bag.

Even those who do not have children of their own may pass it on to the children of their siblings or cousins.

…I don’t plan on giving it to anyone.

By the way, today was New Year’s Day, so I had some free time, so I drove to a bookstore far away to do some shopping.

Car navigation systems made in Japan will tell you by voice when you stop the car that this is a high-theft area. However, I have never been robbed there. Japan is such a safe place.

Well, maybe it’s just because my car is a cheap, ugly used car.


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