Clash Royale’s memo

wall breakers

Place the wall breakers behind valkyrie.
valkyrie walk speed is up.(Same with other characters.)

The Log & Hog Rider

Place The Log behind Hog Rider.
Hog Rider is vulnerable to attacks from skeleton army.

Goblin Cage

Goblin Cage is good for defense.
Place it in the center of the left and right towers to lure the enemy to the center.
Give the enemy time to attack from the tower during that time.


Bats are used as defensive aids.
Bats is strong against opponents who cannot attack from a distance.

For example, use Baby Dragon, who has physical strength, as a decoy, and attack the enemy from the side with Bats in the meantime.

Goblin Barrel

If you use this, the enemy will usually use The Log to crush it.
A good place to put this is in the center of the tower.
It splits evenly into three directions centered on the tower and attacks.

skeleton army

I use it as a defense.
It is very strong against opponents who walk on the ground and attack single targets.
It can also respond to attacks from Goblin Barrel.
However, it is very weak against attacks from The Log,valkyrie,Baby Dragon and more.


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